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The Story of Japanese Whisky

Japan has been producing whisky for nearly a century, and in that time it has made great strides, with many brands now boasting an internationally recognized level of quality. Discover the history of this celebrated amber liquid in Japan and the people who have helped nurture it to its current high standard.

Distilling the Secrets of Japanese WhiskyTim Hornyak

Japanese whisky has gone from strength to strength in recent years, winning popularity among drinkers around the world and garnering prizes in international competitions. A new book in English by the aficionados Brian Ashcraft and Kawasaki Yūji provides an overview of the Japanese drink’s history and tips on delicious selections that won’t break the bank.

Whisky, a Spirit Imbued with CultureKano Takuya

With Suntory reviving its well-known commercial song Wisukī ga osuki desho (You Like Whisky, Don’t You) and a growing craze for highballs, the whisky market has made a comeback in Japan. The Western liquor became part of popular culture during the period of Japan’s high economic growth, making mizuwari (whisky and water) a household word and giving rise to small drinking establishments known as “snack” bars.

The Woman Who Took Whisky to Japan: Remembering Rita Cowan TaketsuruTony McNicol

The story of the award-winning, globally known Nikka Whisky brand all began in a small town near Glasgow, where a doctor’s daughter met an ambitious young Japanese chemist. traveled to Kirkintilloch to trace the footsteps of Rita Taketsuru.

Japan Distills a World-Class Whisky Tradition

Whisky may have its roots in Scotland, but for nearly a century Japan has been distilling its own brands of the popular spirit. In recent years Japanese whisky has earned a name for itself, winning fans and widespread acclaim overseas. We visited two distilleries in Japan to find out more about this burgeoning tradition.

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