Japan’s Hot-Spring Tradition

Japan is a paradise for hot-spring lovers, with over 3,000 “onsen” locations nationwide. For centuries, Japanese have loved hot-spring baths. This way of relaxing mind and body remains as popular as ever in Japan today and is also attracting more and more foreign tourists. In this series we take a multifaceted look at the charms of “onsen” in Japan.

Soaking up the Benefits: Japan’s Hot Springs TraditionMatsuda Tadanori

Japanese people have loved onsen since ancient times for the comfort they bring to mind and body. We introduce the beauty benefits and anti-ageing effects offered by hot springs while examining the relationship between the Japanese people and onsen.

Professor Onsen’s Top Hot SpringsMatsuda Tadanori

Japan is blessed with over 3,000 onsen (hot-spring) areas, but here we look at 12 specially selected by Matsuda Tadanori, a leading expert who has been dubbed “Professor Onsen.” These are hot spring destinations whose invigorating waters and age-old traditions set them apart.

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