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Learning and Loving the Japanese Language

Some 4 million people are studying Japanese around the world. Whether you’re an anime and manga fan who wants to get closer to the real thing, a lover of arts, crafts, and other traditional culture, or a person who wants to live in Japan or work at a Japanese company, there are many reasons to learn. In this series we present diverse approaches to the language and stories from those who have tackled it successfully.

Katakana: Studying Japan’s Second ScriptRichard Medhurst

Katakana is a part of the written Japanese language used for foreign terms and names. Learn this script to recognize many familiar words from other languages.

Hiragana: The First Building Block of Written JapaneseRichard Medhurst

Get started with reading Japanese by learning hiragana. Knowing this essential script lets learners take their first steps of recognition in a Japanese-language environment.

The Fascinating World of Japanese OnomatopoeiaEhab Ahmed Ebeid

A well-cleaned floor shines pika pika, while a light, fluffy futon is fuwa fuwa. Japanese onomatopoeia is one of the language’s most intriguing features, with many linguistic discoveries to be made.

Kyoto’s Museum for Kanji Lovers

The Kanji Museum in Kyoto opened on June 29, 2016. The new facility includes many interactive exhibits and displays giving the history of the characters in China and Japan.

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