Shodō: The Art of Calligraphy

Strokes of Purity: Kanazawa Shōko (Video)


Renowned calligrapher Kanazawa Shōko visited the office in Tokyo in autumn 2016 to write the character 光 (hikari, light).

Kanazawa Shōko

Shoka (calligraphy artist), also known professionally as Shōran. Born in Tokyo in 1985. Began studying calligraphy with her mother at age 5 and held her first solo exhibition, “The World of Calligraphy,” in 2005. Has since exhibited her works at such renowned temples throughout Japan as Kenchōji in Kamakura, Kenninji in Kyoto, and Tōdaiji in Nara. Held her first overseas show in 2015 in New York and had solo exhibitions in the Czech cities of Plzeň and Prague later that year. Is the co-author, with her mother, of several books, including Tamashii no sho (Calligraphy of the Soul) and Umi no uta, yama no koe (Songs of the Sea, Voices of the Mountain).

Production and copyright:
Direction: Sugiyama Sachiko
Filming: Yoshida Hideo
Sound editing: Nakata Ryōhei
Film editing: Mochizuki Hirofumi

Special thanks to Katō Chiaki (Director, Dewazakura Museum of Art)

(Banner photo: Kanazawa Shōko and her mother Yasuko during a calligraphy performance at the office.)

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