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Most International Students in Japan Living in Private Accommodation


A recent survey reveals that international students living in university housing are in the minority in Japan.

A 2017 survey of international students conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization found that 23.2% are living in university housing, such as dormitories for international students or for students in general, or international dormitories owned by foundations and similar bodies. The remaining 76.8% are privately lodging in homes or apartments.

The 20 universities in Japan with the most enrolled international students are divided equally between private and public institutions. The top public university in terms of foreign student numbers is the University of Tokyo—which had 3,618 international students as of May 1, 2017—followed by Tsukuba University and Osaka University. Among private institutions, Waseda University ranked first, with 5,072 international students, in a selection dominated by universities in the Tokyo area.

Japanese Universities with the Most Foreign Students Enrolled (as of May 1, 2017)

University Number of students
1 Waseda University Private 5,072
2 Tokyo University of Social Welfare Private 3,733
3 The University of Tokyo Public 3,618
4 Japan University of Economics Private 2,983
5 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Private 2,804
6 Tsukuba University Public 2,426
7 Osaka University Public 2,273
8 Kyūshū University Public 2,201
9 Ritsumeikan University Private 2,141
10 Kyoto University Public 2,134
11 Tōhoku University Public 2,025
12 Hokkaidō University Public 1,851
13 Nagoya University Public 1,805
14 Keiō University Private 1,677
15 Meiji University Private 1,456
16 Hiroshima University Public 1,442
17 Jōsai International University Private 1,438
18 Tokyo Institute of Technology Public 1,432
19 Dōshisha University Private 1,358
20 Sophia University Private 1,307

Source: JASSO 2017 annual survey of international students in Japan.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo: International students listening to corporate presentations at a March 2018 job-hunting seminar for international students in Tokyo. © Jiji.)

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