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Yokohama Chosen Most Desirable Place to Live in Kantō Region


In an annual survey, Yokohama is picked as the top place to live in the greater Tokyo area, while former favorite Kichijōji drops to third.

In the 2018 survey of the most desirable places to live in the Kantō region, Yokohama headed the list, followed by Ebisu, Kichijōji, Shinagawa, and Ikebukuro, all of which are in Tokyo. Notable this year is Yokohama’s climb to the top and the inclusion of Saitama Prefecture’s Ōmiya and Urawa in the top 10. Kichijōji had long dominated the ranking and some take its demotion to third place as a sign that the once popular district is losing its allure.

Since 2010, Tokyo real estate listings company Recruit Sumai has been conducting the online survey of residents of Tokyo and nearby Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and Ibaraki Prefectures aged from 20 to 49. This year there were 7,000 valid responses. Ranking is decided by the total number of points awarded to each location. Kichijōji topped the list almost every year until 2017, dropping to second only once. This year the structure of the survey was changed and although Kichijōji had a high score, it fell behind Yokohama and Ebisu.

Top 20 Most Desirable Places to Live

Train Station Ranking
2018 2017 2016
Yokohama 1 3 3
Ebisu 2 2 1
Kichijōji 3 1 2
Shinagawa 4 5 13
Ikebukuro 5 7 7
Musashi-Kosugi 6 6 4
Shinjuku 7 12 8
Meguro 8 4 6
Ōmiya 9 15 21
Urawa 10 19 32
Shibuya 11 10 12
Naka-Meguro 8 11
Jiyūgaoka 13 11 4
Kamakura 14 14 14
Nakano 15 18 15
Tokyo 16 9 9
Futako-Tamagawa 13 10
Funabashi 18 69 43
Akabane 19 21 20
Kawasaki 20 30 47

Compiled by Nippon.com from Recruit Sumai Company press release on February 28, 2018.

The top three remained largely the same when ranked by the preferences of each age cohort. Those in their twenties showed a relative preference for Shinagawa, Ikebukuro, Musashi-Kosugi, and Shibuya; those in their thirties, Meguro and Shinjuku; and those in their forties, Kichijōji, Ikebukuro, Ōmiya, and Kamakura.

Ranked by area, respondents showed a clear preference for districts in their own metropolitan area or prefecture. Tokyoites chose Kichijōji, Kanagawa residents picked Yokohama, people in Saitama selected Ōmiya, and Chiba residents went for Funabashi.

(Banner photo: Yokohama, the most desirable location in the survey. © Pixta.)

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