The 2019 Rugby World Cup

2019 Rugby World Cup: Match Venues and Host Cities

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The 2019 Rugby World Cup, in which the world’s top-ranked rugby teams will face off in matches played at a total of 12 different stadiums around Japan, kicks off on September 20.

The venues for the 2019 Rugby World Cup include Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, which has been newly built in the tsunami-hit city of Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture. The final will be held at International Stadium Yokohama, which previously hosted the final of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Read on for a list of all the venues and fixtures.

Sapporo Dome

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Australia vs Fiji September 21 (Saturday) 1:45 pm
England vs Tonga September 22 (Sunday) 7:15 pm

Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium: Kamaishi, Iwate

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Fiji vs Uruguay September 25 (Wednesday) 2:15 pm
Namibia vs Canada October 13 (Sunday) 12:15 pm

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Kumagaya Rugby Stadium: Kumagaya, Saitama

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Russia vs Samoa September 24 (Tuesday) 7:15 pm
Georgia vs Uruguay September 29 (Sunday) 2:15 pm
Argentina vs United States October 9 (Wednesday) 1:45 pm

Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu, Tokyo

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Japan vs Russia September 20 (Friday) 7:45 pm
France vs Argentina September 21 (Saturday) 4:15 pm
Australia vs Wales September 29 (Sunday) 4:45 pm
England vs Argentina October 5 (Saturday) 5:00 pm
New Zealand vs Namibia October 6 (Sunday) 1:45 pm
Quarterfinal 2: Winner Pool B vs Runner-Up Pool A October 19 (Saturday) 7:15 pm
Quarterfinal 4: Winner Pool A vs Runner-Up Pool B October 20 (Sunday) 7:15 pm
Bronze final November 1 (Friday) 6:00 pm

International Stadium Yokohama

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
New Zealand vs South Africa September 21 (Saturday) 6:45 pm
Ireland vs Scotland September 22 (Sunday) 4:45 pm
England vs France October 12 (Saturday) 5:15 pm
Japan vs Scotland October 13 (Sunday) 7:45 pm
Semifinal 1: Winner Quarterfinal 1 vs Winner Quarterfinal 2 October 26 (Saturday) 5:00 pm
Semifinal 2: Winner Quarterfinal 3 vs Winner Quarterfinal 4 October 27 (Sunday) 6:00 pm
Final November 2 (Saturday) 6:00 pm

Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa: Fukuroi, Shizuoka

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Japan vs Ireland September 28 (Saturday) 4:15 pm
South Africa vs Italy October 4 (Friday) 6:45 pm
Scotland vs Russia October 9 (Wednesday) 4:15 pm
Australia vs Georgia October 11 (Friday) 7:15 pm

City of Toyota Stadium: Toyota, Aichi

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Wales vs Georgia September 23 (Monday) 7:15 pm
South Africa vs Namibia September 28 (Saturday) 6:45 pm
Japan vs Samoa October 5 (Saturday) 7:30 pm
New Zealand vs Italy October 12 (Saturday) 1:45 pm

Hanazono Rugby Stadium: Higashiōsaka

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Italy vs Namibia September 22 (Sunday) 2:15 pm
Argentina vs Tonga September 28 (Saturday) 1:45 pm
Georgia vs Fiji October 3 (Thursday) 2:15 pm
United States vs Tonga October 13 (Sunday) 2:45 pm

Kobe Misaki Stadium

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
England vs United States September 26 (Thursday) 7:45 pm
Scotland vs Samoa September 30 (Monday) 7:15 pm
Ireland vs Russia October 3 (Thursday) 7:15 pm
South Africa vs Canada October 8 (Tuesday) 7:15 pm

Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
Italy vs Canada September 26 (Thursday) 4:45 pm
France vs United States October 2 (Wednesday) 4:45 pm
Ireland vs Samoa October 12 (Saturday) 7:45 pm

Kumamoto Stadium

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
France vs Tonga October 6 (Sunday) 4:45 pm
Wales vs Uruguay October 13 (Sunday) 5:15 pm

Ōita Stadium

• Matches

Date Kick-Off
New Zealand vs Canada October 2 (Wednesday) 7:15 pm
Australia vs Uruguay October 5 (Saturday) 2:15 pm
Wales vs Fiji October 9 (Wednesday) 6:45 pm
Quarterfinal 1: Winner Pool C vs Runner-Up Pool D October 19 (Saturday) 4:15 pm
Quarterfinal 3: Winner Pool D vs Runner-Up Pool C October 20 (Sunday) 4:15 pm

(Originally published in Japanese. All photos courtesy of Rugby World Cup organizing committee unless where otherwise noted. Banner photo: Spectators held fishermen’s flags at an August 2018 match held to commemorate the completion of the Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium. © Jiji.)

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