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Japan’s Top 100 Blossoms: Shichikawa Dam (Wakayama)


To commemorate the completion of the Shichikawa Dam in 1959, local residents planted 3,000 somei yoshino trees around the 5-kilometer circumference of the newly created reservoir. The Sada Sakura Festival, held when the cherries are in full bloom, is a feast for the eyes, with colorful koinobori (carp streamers) flying above the light pink blossoms.

The highly scenic Koza River, where the Shichikawa Dam is located, is noted for its unique rock formations formed from molten lava and through weathering and erosion—including a huge slab measuring 100 meters high and 500 meters wide that has been designated as a natural monument.

Shichikawa Dam (Wakayama)

  • Variety: Somei yoshino
  • No. of trees: 3,000
  • When: Late March to early April
  • Hours: Open 24 hrs.
  • Admission: Free
  • Address: Sada, Kozagawa-chō, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama

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Sakura 100: Japan’s Best Blossoms

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Kozagawa Town.)

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