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Auto Appeal Fades: One in Four Japanese Households Do Not Own A Car


Interest in cars is said to be fading among Japan’s younger generation. Now one in four households do not own a car.

One in four Japanese households, or 25.7%, do not own a car. This is the finding of a recent survey of 10,650 people conducted by an online market research company. The survey has been conducted every three years since 2010, but this is the highest percentage to date.

The first survey in 2010 found that 18.1% of households did not own a car, and the figure has risen steadily since. Although the percentage of used cars purchased has remained basically unchanged since that time, new-car purchases have declined among those surveyed.

Minicars were the most common vehicle type, at 24.7%, up from 22.8% in the previous survey; followed by compact vehicles at 20.4%. Sedans fell to 15.2%, as compared to 17.6% in the previous survey. Minicars are popular because government regulations mean they are inexpensive to purchase and maintain and they have in recent years become nearly as roomy and safe as regular vehicles.

Among those thinking of purchasing, gasoline vehicles were the most popular type, at over 40%, followed by hybrid vehicles at 33%, and then electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids at around 5% to 6% each.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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