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How Will Basic Services Be Affected by the 10-Day Golden Week Holiday?

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This year the Golden Week holiday will be 10 days long due to the ascension to the throne of Crown Prince Naruhito. Here we look at how key services will operate during the holiday.

The Golden Week holiday in 2019 will be 10 consecutive days, from April 27 to May 6, because of the addition of a special national holiday for when Crown Prince Naruhito becomes emperor. Here we provide information on the schedules for key businesses and services so that people living in Japan can avoid inconveniences during the holiday.

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

In principle, bank teller operations will be closed during the holiday. ATMs will operate in line with normal Saturday and holiday hours, but those planning to withdraw large sums of money during the holiday are advised to do so in advance.

Banks are likely to be crowded just prior to or after the holiday, so customers should allow plenty of time for over-the-counter procedures.

Post Office and Delivery Services

Normal postal deliveries will only be made on Saturday, April 27, and Thursday, May 2. Express or registered mail and Yu-Pack parcels will be delivered every day during the 10-day holiday.

Delivery companies will be operating normal services during Golden Week.

Medical Facilities

Information on the holiday schedule of medical institutions will be posted in Japanese on municipal and prefectural websites.

All municipal hospitals in Tokyo will offer the usual Saturday-schedule patient services on April 27 and also offer normal medical care on two or three days during the 10-day holiday. 

Garbage Collection

Around 99% of municipalities will collect garbage according to the normal schedule or at least once a week during the 10-day holiday.

Wholesale Markets

Since many wholesale markets will be open on some days during the 10-day holiday, it is difficult to imagine that customers will be unable to purchase fresh food during Golden Week at supermarkets or other retail outlets.

The fisheries market and food-and-vegetable market at Toyosu will be in operation on April 27 and 29 and May 2 and 3.

Child Abuse Hotline

During the holiday, the national hotline (189) for emergency consultations regarding possible child abuse will continue to operate on a 24-hour basis.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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