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Foreign Workers’ Impressions of Part-Time Jobs in Japan

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What Japan’s increasing number of foreign workers in part-time jobs at convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and other work environments struggle with or find puzzling.

A recent survey conducted by recruitment agency Mynavi found that around 40% of foreign residents of Japan who have worked in part-time jobs believe that too few positions are open to non-Japanese. When asked about other aspects of job-hunting that they found difficult, the most common responses were the need to prepare one’s resume and other documents in Japanese, language requirements, and the difficulty of understanding job ads written in Japanese.

When asked about how Japanese workplaces differ from those in their own countries, the highest proportion of respondents cited the stringent rules about greetings and manners, the emphasis on punctuality, and workplace hierarchies. Others noted that it was difficult to get time off and that instructions were vague.

Before starting a job, respondents most frequently said that they worried about their Japanese language ability, getting on with their workmates, and being treated unfairly for not being Japanese. These were also the top three areas in which respondents stated that their initial fears were confirmed.

When asked what aspects of part-time work they found stressful, respondents cited difficulties communicating with workmates (29.6%), prejudice against foreigners (29.6%), and unfair pay (26.9%).

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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