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Hair Loss Headache: More Worry About How Women See Them


Both men and women with hair loss in Japan are more concerned about what women think of them than men.

A Recruit Lifestyle survey, targeting 50,000 men and women in Japan aged between 20 and 69, found that 7.8% of women and 26.7% of men had experienced hair loss. A further 30% of both men and women answered that although they did not face the issue now, they were worried about developing it in the future, and 20% said that they are taking some kind of preventative measure.

When asked whose views they were concerned about regarding thinning hair, the largest response for both men and women was that they cared about what everyone thought. This was particularly the case for women, at 61.4%, compared with men, at 41.1%. Other top responses showed that both women and men cared more about how women saw them.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo: © Pixta)

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