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First Snowfalls on Japan’s Mountains in 2020


A summary of the first snowfalls on major mountains across the country according to the Japan Meteorological Agency and local weather stations.

The first day of snowfall is recorded as the date following the end of summer when snow is first observed near the summit of a mountain by the local weather station located at the base. Every year, from early September through mid-December such reports come in for peaks across Japan.

In an average year, the first snowfall for Mount Fuji (3,776m) is September 30. The mountain where snow is always reported the earliest is Mount Asahidake (2,291m), the highest peak in Hokkaidō. In 2020, the first snowfall on this peak came on September 26, one day later than usual. Two days later, on September 28, Mount Fuji had its first snowfall.

A look at first snowfalls recorded on major mountains in Tōhoku and further south for this year shows that snow fell on the Hakkōda Range in Aomori Prefecture on October 15, two days earlier than usual and Mount Nantai in Tochigi Prefecture got snow for the first time twelve days sooner on October 18. On the other hand, the Tateyama Range in Toyama Prefecture saw snow nine days later than usual on October 17.

First Snowfalls on Major Japanese Mountains

2020 2019 Average Year
Mount Asahidake (2,291m), Hokkaidō September 26 September 21 September 25
Hakkōda Range (1,584m), Aomori October 15 November 5 October 17
Mount Nantai (2,486m), Tochigi October 18 November 12 October 30
Mount Fuji (3,776m), Yamanashi/Shizuoka September 28 October 22 September 30
Tateyama Range (3,015m), Toyama October 17 October 22 October 8
Mount Ibuki (1,377m), Shiga November 4 November 20 November 16
Mount Ōginosen (1,310m), Tottori November 15 November 14
Mount Gokurakuji (693m), Hiroshima February 18 (2020) December 11
Mount Saragamine (1,271m), Ehime December 28 December 6
Mount Yufu (1,583m), Ōita December 4 November 28

Created by Nippon.com based on data from local weather stations. Data is as of November 6, 2020.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo: Mount Fuji has recorded its first snowfall for 2020. Image taken from Yokohama on the morning of September 28. © Jiji.)

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