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The New No Normal: Tokyo’s Year of Emergency and Quasi-Emergency Measures

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Tokyoites have only had 28 “normal” days, with no state of emergency or quasi-emergency measures, so far in 2021.

The Japanese government has announced a new state of emergency for Tokyo to last six weeks from July 12 to August 22. This follows the end of quasi-emergency measures in the capital on July 11.

Tokyo’s second COVID-19 state of emergency—the first this year—lasted from January 8 until March 21, 2021. When it seemed that normal life had returned, just three weeks later, quasi-emergency measures were instituted on April 12. The third state of emergency was implemented ahead of the Golden Week holiday period in an attempt to contain the pandemic. Just three weeks after it was lifted on June 20, Tokyo is set for its fourth state of emergency.

Thus, there have only been 28 “normal” days so far in 2021, without emergency or quasi-emergency measures.

During the fourth state of emergency, the Olympics will take place, as well as the Obon festival period and students’ summer vacation. Like 2020, it will be a summer of endurance, and Tokyoites will look forward to a return to normality, whenever that may arrive.

(Originally published in Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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