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Japan’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medalists

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A full list of Japan’s medal winners at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, held in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Japan’s Medalists at Tokyo 2020

=Gold    =Silver    =Bronze

Japan national team (August 8) Women’s basketball Performed strongly, but lost out to the United States, which won its seventh consecutive gold.
Kajihara Yūmi (August 8) Women’s Omnium (cycling) The first Japanese woman to win a cycling medal.
Japan national team (August 7) Baseball A 2-0 victory over the United States secured gold for Japan.
Susaki Yui (August 7) Women’s freestyle 50-kilogram (wrestling) Her victory meant Japan won four gold medals in women’s wrestling, matching the achievement of 2016.
Araga Ryūtarō (August 7) Men’s +75kg (karate) Japan’s only medal in the kumite sparring division.
Otoguro Takuto (August 7) Men’s freestyle 65-kilogram (wrestling) Overcame triple world champion Haji Aliyev of Azerbaijan in the final.
Inami Mone (August 7) Women’s individual (golf) Beat Lydia Ko of New Zealand in a sudden-death playoff after finishing level.
Nonaka Mihō (August 6) Women’s combined (sport climbing) A hard-fought silver after battles with injuries.
Noguchi Akiyo (August 6) Women’s combined (sport climbing) Announced her retirement after winning the bronze.
Mukaida Mayu (August 6) Women’s freestyle 53-kilogram (wrestling) Came back from four points down to win the gold.
Kiyuna Ryō (August 6) Men’s kata (karate) The hot favorite became the first gold medalist from Okinawa.
Mizutani Jun, Harimoto Tomokazu, Niwa Kōki (August 6) Men’s team (table tennis) Won a medal for the second successive Olympics after silver in 2016.
Ishikawa Kasumi, Itō Mima, Hirano Miu (August 5) Women’s team (table tennis) Lost 3–0 to China in the final. Itō Mima ended the Olympics with one medal of each color.
Kawai Risako (August 5) Women’s freestyle 57-kilogram (wrestling) Won the gold for the second successive time, following her younger sister’s triumph the previous day.
Shimizu Kiyō (August 5) Women’s kata (karate) Lost to her long-term rival, Sandra Sánchez of Spain.
Ikeda Kōki (August 5) Men’s 20 kilometres walk (athletics) Achieved Japan’s best result in an Olympic race walking event.
Yamanishi Toshikazu (August 5) Men’s 20 kilometres walk (athletics) The gold medal winner at the 2019 World Athletics Championships was not able to match that feat this time.
Tanaka Ryōmei (August 5) Men’s flyweight (boxing) Japan’s first men’s flyweight medal since 1960.
Kawai Yukako (August 4) Women’s freestyle 62-kilogram (wrestling) Matched her older sister Risako’s gold medal in 2016.
Namiki Tsukimi (August 4) Women’s flyweight (boxing) Japan’s second medal in women’s boxing.
Yosozumi Sakura (August 4) Women’s park (skateboarding) Her winning performance meant Japan won both women’s skateboarding gold medals.
Hiraki Kokona (August 4) Women’s park (skateboarding) Became Japan’s youngest ever medalist at 12 years and 11 months.
Yabiku Shōhei (August 3) Men’s Greco-Roman 77-kilogram (wrestling) Came back from a quarterfinal loss to progress through the repechage rounds and win a bronze medal.
Hashimoto Daiki (August 3) Men’s horizontal bar (gymnastics) The only finalist to score more than 15 points, he secured his second individual gold of the games.
Irie Sena (August 3) Women’s featherweight (boxing) Defeated world champion Nesthy Petecio of the Philippines to win Japan’s first medal in women’s boxing. 
Fumita Ken’ichirō (August 2) Men’s Greco-Roman 60-kilogram (wrestling) Won the World Championships in 2017 and 2019, but lost out to Luis Orta of Cuba in the Olympic final.
Murakami Mai (August 2) Women’s floor exercise (gymnastics) Japan’s first women’s gymnastics medal since 1964 and the first time a Japanese woman has won an individual medal.
Kaya Kazuma (August 1) Men’s pommel horse (gymnastics) Added an individual medal to the silver he won as part of Japan’s men’s team.
Japan national team (July 31) Mixed team (jūdō) Despite a loss to France in the final, the silver in the new team event rounded off a successful Olympics for Japan’s jūdōka.
Furukawa Takaharu (July 31) Men’s individual (archery) The 2012 silver medalist also won a bronze medal in Tokyo as part of the Japanese team.
Kanō Kōki, Yamada Masaru, Uyama Satoru, Minobe Kazuyasu (July 30) Men’s team épée (fencing) Japan’s first ever Olympic fencing gold, and its first medal for épée.
Sone Akira (July 30) Women’s +78-kilogram (jūdō) Defeated 2012 gold medal winner Idalys Ortiz of Cuba in the final.
Higashino Arisa, Watanabe Yūta (July 30) Mixed doubles (badminton) Have been playing as a team since they were at junior high school.
Itō Mima (July 29) Women’s singles (table tennis) Following her part in the historic mixed doubles gold, won Japan’s first medal in the women’s singles.
Wolf, Aaron (July 29) Men’s 100-kilogram (jūdō) Japan’s first gold in the 100-kilogram class since 2000.
Hamada Shōri (July 29) Women’s 78-kilogram (jūdō) Won gold on her Olympic debut at 30 years old.
Hashimoto Daiki (July 28) Men’s artistic individual all-around (gymnastics) Followed two successive Olympic gold medals by Uchimura Kōhei in the event.
Arai Chizuru (July 28) Women’s 70-kilogram (jūdō) After an epic 16-minute semifinal bout against Madina Taimazova of Russia, she still had the energy to triumph in the final.
Ōhashi Yui (July 28) Women’s 200-meter individual medley (swimming) Became the first Japanese woman to win two swimming golds at the same Olympics.
Honda Tomoru (July 28) Men’s 200 meter butterfly (swimming) The 19-year-old followed up wins at the 2020 and 2021 national championships with Olympic silver.
Japan national team (July 27) Softball Beat the United States in the final 2-0, matching the gold medal in 2008, which was the last time softball featured at the Olympics.
Nagase Takanori (July 27) Men’s 81-kilogram (jūdō) Won an overtime victory over Saeid Mollaei of Mongolia.
Andō Mikiko (July 27) Women’s 59-kilogram (weightlifting) Improved on a fifth-place finish at the 2016 Olympics.
Igarashi Kanoa (July 27) Men’s shortboard (surfing) Lost out to 2019 World Surf League champion Ítalo Ferreira in the final.
Tsuzuki Amuro (July 27) Women’s shortboard (surfing) Overcame higher ranked opponents to take the bronze.
Itō Mima, Mizutani Jun (July 26) Mixed doubles (table tennis) In the first time this event was held, Japan won its first-ever gold medal in table tennis.
Hashimoto Daiki, Kaya Kazuma, Kitazono Takeru, Tanigawa Wataru (July 26) Men’s artistic team all-around (gymnastics) With all members making their Olympic debuts, the team came close to matching Japan’s 2016 gold medal in this event.
Ōno Shōhei (July 26) Men’s 73-kilogram (jūdō) Won a second consecutive gold medal in the event.
Yoshida Tsukasa (July 26) Women’s 57-kilogram (jūdō) Lost to eventual winner Nora Gjakova of Kosovo in the semifinal.
Mutō Hiroki, Kawata Yūki, Furukawa Takaharu (July 26) Men’s team (archery) Defeated the Netherlands in the bronze medal match.
Nishiya Momiji (July 26) Women’s street (skateboarding) The youngest ever Japanese medalist at 13 years and 11 months, and one of the youngest of any nationality.
Nakayama Fūna (July 26) Women’s street (skateboarding) Scored highest in the semifinal round, but dropped back to third in the final.
Abe Hifumi (July 25) Men’s 66-kilogram (jūdō) On matching his sister Uta’s victory, they became the first siblings ever to win Olympic gold on the same day.
Abe Uta (July 25) Women’s 52-kilogram (jūdō) Won through an ippon in Golden Score overtime.
Horigome Yūto (July 25) Men’s street (skateboarding) The first-ever winner of a gold medal in a skateboarding event.
Ōhashi Yui (July 25) Women’s 400-meter individual medley (swimming) A superb performance on the breaststroke leg gave her an unassailable lead.
Takatō Naohisa (July 24) Men’s 60-kilogram (jūdō) Improved on his bronze medal at Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
Tonaki Fūna (July 24) Women’s 48-kilogram (jūdō) The first Japanese medalist at the Tokyo Olympics.

(Originally published in Japanese. Banner photo: Abe Hifumi, at left, and sister Uta, who both won jūdō gold medals on July 25, 2021. © Jiji.)

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