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Japanese Products Pitched as “Recommended for Women” a Turn-Off for Some

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Around half of women in a Japanese survey said they felt uncomfortable about advertisements that specifically targeted them using the word “women.”

A survey conducted by Takarajimasha, aimed at 1,000 women aged in their twenties through sixties, has revealed that half felt uncomfortable about advertisements on shopping sites and in magazines that use phrases like “Easy even for women!” and “Women can drink this too.”

Even though it was meant as a selling point, the use of the word “women” made some less likely to want to buy the product.

The most common feeling respondents had when they saw advertising that phrased itself as “recommended for women,” at 46.6%, was they were “uncertain why it had to use the word “women.” Meanwhile, 44.8% were “uncomfortable about generalizing individual characteristics” and 39.5% felt it was strange to make assumptions.

When asked if they would buy a product marketed as “recommended for women,” one in four survey participants in all age ranges said they “sometimes don’t buy” something because it doesn’t feel right. In addition, 22.4% answered that although they did make the purchase, they saw that product in a less favorable light.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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