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Survey Finds 40% of Japanese Men in Their Twenties Have Never Dated


Survey results show that many Japanese people in their twenties and thirties have never been on a date, indicating that the country has much to do to halt its population decline.

The White Paper on Gender Equality 2022, published by Japan’s Cabinet Office, has shown that many people in their twenties and thirties, which used to be considered to be the most suitable age for marriage, are actually far removed from romantic relationships.

In a survey conducted in 2021, 65.8% of men and 51.8% of women in their twenties said that they had “no spouse or partner.” Among respondents in their thirties, 35.5% of men and 27.0% of women were in a similar situation.

In addition, when single men were asked how many people they had dated since graduation from junior high school, 39.8% of those in their twenties and 34.1% of those in their thirties answered “zero.” In contrast, among the single women with no dating experience, 25.1% were in their twenties and 21.5% were in their thirties, indicating that romantically men were more likely to be late bloomers.

(Originally published in Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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