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Bye-Bye Computer: Two in Three Japanese Women Use Smartphone Only to Go Online

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More and more people in Japan have stopped using computers and are now accessing the internet via only their smartphones.

The messaging app provider Line has conducted surveys twice a year since 2016 analyzing how people access the internet ,and the results show that the number of “smartphone only” users is on the rise. In the April 2022 survey, this percentage reached 54%, slightly up from 52% at the time of the previous survey. A further 42% used both “smartphone and PC.”

In particular, the number of women only using smartphones to access the internet is increasing, reaching a new record of 68%.

By age range, at over 97%, almost all of those in their teens through forties were using smartphones (whether with or without computers) and over 90% of those in their fifties were too. There has been a continued steady rise in the number of senior smartphone users and in this latest survey, the number of users in their seventies were in the majority for the first time ever with 51%.

The survey targeted men and women aged between 15 and 79 and a total of 1,146 answers representative of the population were selected.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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