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ChatGPT Hype Slow to Reach Japan

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AI chatbot ChatGPT has created a lot of buzz around the world since its November launch, but around 70% of respondents in a survey in Japan said they had never heard of it.

A survey conducted in Japan by Line Research on March 6 found that just 4.8% of the 1,056 respondents have used ChatGPT. Launched in November 2022 by US company OpenAI, the artificial intelligence chatbot generates natural text that mimics human communication in 100 languages, including Japanese. Within two months, there were more than 100 million global users.

Around 70% of the respondents in Japan had never heard of ChatGPT. The level of awareness was higher among men, at around 40% for those in their twenties and thirties and over 35% for those in their forties and sixties. Some 15.7% of men in their twenties had actually used ChatGPT.

Among women, the level of awareness was low, at roughly the 20% level for all age groups.

Have you heard of ChatGPT?

After ChatGPT was explained to survey respondents, a total of more than 40% said that they were either definitely interested in using it or would try it out if the opportunity arises, while around 30% said they were either not very or not at all interested in using it. Just over 25% said that they were not sure about using ChatGPT.

By age group, the highest percentage of men who definitely want to use ChatGPT was 22.9% for those in their twenties, followed by those in their thirties and teens, while among women the highest percentage was 11.4% for those in their teens.

Do you want to use ChatGPT?

Among the specific examples of how to use ChatGPT from those who had experience with the chatbot, a man in his forties from Kanagawa Prefecture said he had checked the procedures for changing cell phone plans. A man in his sixties from Ehime Prefecture had asked it about ways of earning money, and man in his twenties from Chiba Prefecture had used it for mathematical problems.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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