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Most School Students Plan to Continue Wearing Masks, Despite Eased Government Recommendations

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A survey of elementary and junior high school students in Japan found that two in three planned to continue wearing masks in the new term, with the most common reason being that they did not want to show their faces.

On March 13, the Japanese government eased its recommendations for wearing masks to counter the spread of COVID-19, leaving it to individuals to decide whether to don face coverings. Despite the move, most people have continued to wear masks in public settings, including inside buildings, on trains, and on city streets.

An online survey by Nifty Kids, a website aimed at elementary and junior high school students, polled visitors about their opinions on the change. The results found that 52% said they were happy with it, while 48% expressed displeasure.

How do you feel about mask wearing decisions being left to individuals?

However, some 68% of respondents said they would continue to wear masks at school when the new term begins, while 27% said they would see what others were doing before deciding. Just 5% said that they would not wear masks.

Will you wear a mask when the new term begins?

The main reasons students gave for wearing masks were not wanting to show their face, at 35%, followed by concern about COVID-19 (20%), and because of seasonal allergies (18%).

Reasons for Wearing a Mask

The survey was conducted from early to mid-March and had 1,328 valid responses.

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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