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Two in Three Still Working Past Retirement Age of 60 in Japan

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Although the retirement age is 60 in Japan, many continue to work, commonly rehired by the same company as a contract worker.

A survey of 1,100 people in Japan in their sixties, past the retirement age of 60, found that 66% were still working. Of these 78% were in the 60–64 age group, and 51% of this subgroup were working for the original company that hired them under a continued-employment arrangement. However, they were not necessarily rehired as regular employees. The most common employment status for both those in their early and late sixties was that of a contract employee.

The survey was conducted by Kakehashi Skysolutions, a Tokyo-based human resources consulting firm, from late February to early March.

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Form of Employment

Income from their current job was the main source of income for 65% of those under 65, who do not themselves receive pension benefits. Among those in their late sixties, 30% said that their current job was the main source of income, rather than the pension they were receiving.

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Apart from those who answered, “nothing in particular,” the most common concern after retirement was about living expenses.

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(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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