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Over 60% of Japanese Companies Using or Considering Use of Generative AI

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While many Japanese companies are considering using generative AI in their operations, most of these do not have detailed plans of how to do so at this stage.

A survey conducted by Teikoku Databank on the use of generative artificial intelligence by companies across Japan found that 9.1% of the respondents said they use it in their operations, while 52% are considering doing so. In other words, over 60% are either currently using AI or may use it in the future. However, among the companies considering the use of AI, only 14.2% had considered this option in detail, whereas the remaining 37.8% were still grappling with how they might do so.

The survey found that 17.7% of the companies had no intention to use AI, while for 5.6% AI was not approved for use in their business. In addition 4.3% were not aware of generative AI and 11.4% did not know whether they would use it or not.

Use of Generative AI

The survey results show that the larger the company, the more likely they are to use generative AI, with 13.1% of large companies currently doing so as compared to 8.5% of small and medium-sized companies and 7.7% of small businesses. At the same time, large companies constituted the largest segment of companies that are not considering the use of AI or are not allowed to do so for their business sector, at 11.4%. In many cases, large companies are cautious about the use of AI. One representative of an electrical machinery manufacturer noted, for example, that the entire corporate group was not allowed to use AI due to concerns about the risk of information leaks.

Companies Currently Using Generative AI by Size

Companies Not Considering Use of Generative AI by Size

Among companies that are currently using generative AI or are considering doing so, 93.1% have either used or would like to use general-purpose AI applications such as ChatGPT to generate text or code. The next most-popular usage of AI is for image generation, at 14.3%, followed by audio, music, or video generation, at 7.4%.

Generative AI that Companies Have Used or Intend to Use

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