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Number of Japanese Households with Kids Dips Below 10 Million for First Time

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Japan now has fewer than 10 million households with children, as its population decline continues.

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions for 2022 found that households with at least one child under age 18 number 9.92 million. This is the first time for the figure to dip below 10 million in the period since 1986, when such statistics were first compiled. These households account for 18.3% of all households, which is also the first time for the percentage to fall below 20%. The statistics are clear evidence of an unstoppable decline in the birthrate.

Number of Households in Japan

Among households with children under 18, single-child households are the most prevalent, at 49.3%, followed by 38.0% with two children and 12.7% with three or more. The trend over time has been toward a slight decrease in the number of single-child households and a significant decrease in two- and three-child households.

Households by Number of Children

The Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions was introduced by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare in 1986 to compile basic data necessary for the planning and formulation of health and labor policies. This large-scale survey is conducted every three years, with simplified surveys conducted in the interim. The thirteenth large-scale survey was conducted in 2022.

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