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Japanese Survey Finds Support for Fewer Hairstyle Rules and More Self-Expression in School Club Activities

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This year’s high school baseball championship in Japan highlighted a shift away from enforced crew cuts to more schools allowing students to choose their own hairstyles. A recent survey in Japan found increased acceptance of self-expression in school clubs.

The hair care manufacturer Mandom conducted a survey of 1,314 men and women aged from 20 to 49 about their club activities while at high school. When asked if there had been rules about personal appearance for those activities, 54.9% said yes. Regarding the type of rules, the three most common concerned “hair length/shortness” (59.0%), “coloring and perms” (55.8%), and “hairstyle” (42.5%), all connected to hair.

School Club Activity Rules for Hairstyles and Personal Appearance

Respondents were also asked if they felt hair as a form of self-expression improved motivation and performance in club activities, to which 71.6% of respondents in total in their twenties answered either “very much” or “somewhat.” Meanwhile, 54.5% in their forties felt the same, revealing a gap of 17.1% and a difference in thinking between the two generations.

Does hair as a form of self-expression lead to improvement in motivation and performance?

Moreover, when respondents were asked if they felt the club activity hairstyle rules for current high school students were unreasonable, many more of those in their twenties, closer in age to those students, believed so.

Do you feel school club rules for hair are unreasonable?

Respondents were further asked if they thought self-expression in appearance was compatible with club activities, to which more than 70% in each of the age groups agreed.

Do you think self-expression in appearance is compatible with club activities?

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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