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Summertime Blues: Heat Affects Japanese Workers’ Motivation

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A recent survey found that relentless summer heat in Japan saps worker motivation.

This summer has been hot! In Japan, there have been daily heatstroke alerts and people told to refrain from going out unless necessary. And yet, with the COVID-19 pandemic now under control, more and more companies are shifting from full remote work to a more hybrid style with importance placed on getting employees back in the office.

In a survey conducted by Laibo, an overwhelming 88.8% of the 743 respondents aged from 20 to 59 said that the summer heat affected their work motivation. And 37.4% of the total said it “strongly” affected their motivation.

Does the heat affect your work motivation?

At 46.1%, summer was the season in which respondents’ motivation fell the most. Nearly 90% of those who chose summer cited the rise in temperatures.

Which season has the most negative effect on your work motivation?

When asked whether they would prefer to work from home or at the office during a hot summer, 66.3% were in favor of remote work. However, the reality was the opposite, with 68.6% going to their company. Moreover, nearly 40% were doing only work at the office, without any hybrid style that could include remote work.

Hot weather is forecast to continue through September.

Ideal Summer Working Style

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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