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Many Japanese Teenagers Doubt Pensions Will Support Them in Old Age

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A survey of young Japanese found that many were concerned about their financial future after retirement.

A Nippon Foundation survey asked 1,000 people aged 17 to 19 how they felt when they thought about their financial situation on reaching old age. It revealed that 60% of young men and 70% of young women were “concerned.”

What do you feel thinking about your financial situation when you reach old age?

When those who said they were “very concerned” or “slightly concerned” were asked the reason, the most common response, with 45.7%, was due to the “difficulty of maintaining the public pension system”. In particular, 50% of young women had doubts that the system could be maintained.

Reasons for Concern

The source of funds that the largest percentage of respondents thought they would most want to rely on in old age was their “own savings” at 34.2%, followed by a “public pension” with 28.5%. At 37.9%, more women said they would rely on their “own savings,” compared to 30.7% of men.

What source of funds do you most want to rely on when you reach old age?

The survey also looked at what respondents thought about how the pension contributions they were paying would balance against the amount of pension they would eventually receive, showing that approximately 60% of men and 70% of women believed their pension “will be less” than their contribution.

How much pension will you receive compared to how much you pay into the system?

When asked to what extent they thought they could live on a pension in the future, assuming they paid in all their public pension contributions, only 3.8% said they “could mainly live on just a pension.” Meanwhile, at 29.2%, nearly one third said they “could hardly live on just a pension.” When combined with those who answered it would either cover “around 30%” or “around 10%,” this meant more than 60% of respondents did not expect to be able to finance even half of their living cost on a pension.

To what extent do you think you could live on a pension?

(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Pixta.)

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