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Record ¥4.4 Billion in Lost Cash Handed in to Tokyo Police in 2023

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In 2023, ¥4.4 billion in lost cash was handed in to Tokyo police stations. A total of ¥8.0 billion was reported lost.

The Metropolitan Police Department reports that lost items were handed into police stations in Tokyo in 2023, a 19.9% year-on-year increase. This included ¥4.4 billion in cash, up 10.3% over the same period, setting a new record for the second consecutive year. The cash handed in amounted to 54.7% of the total amount reported lost, or ¥8.0 billion.

Lost and Found Items in Tokyo (2023)

Among the 4.4 million lost items, identification documents, such as driver’s licenses and credit cards, accounted for the largest number at 812,625 or 18.3% of all items. These were followed by transit smart cards, commuter passes, and gift certificates at 471,223 or 10.6%; clothing and footwear at 400,792 (9.0%); wallets and purses at 338,823 (7.6%); and umbrellas at 294,196 (6.6%).

Average of 600 Cell Phones Reported Lost Every Day

A total of 219,761 cell phones were reported lost by the owners in 2023, equivalent to an average of 600 every day. Meanwhile, 142,450 phones were handed in to the police after they were found. More than half the phones, or 120,222, were eventually returned to their owners.

Lost and Found Items in Tokyo (2023)

According to the National Police Agency, if items have not been claimed after three months, ownership transfers to the finder. However, after a further two months, if the finder does not claim the item, ownership passes to the prefecture.

Of the ¥4.4 billion in cash handed in to the Tokyo police that was processed in 2023, around ¥3.2 billion was returned to owners, ¥500 million went to finders, and ¥600 million reverted to the metropolis of Tokyo.

Cash Handed in to Tokyo Police in 2023

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