Miura Aims to Be Oldest Man on Top of World

The 80-year-old mountaineer and skier Miura Yūichirō is currently near the summit of Mt. Everest. According to a post on his 2013 expedition's Facebook page, he may already be at the top of the world. 

Miura gained fame in May 1970 for becoming the "first man to ski down Everest," although as a documentary filmed during that trip to the mountain shows, he spent more of the descent trying to regain control while sliding down the ice. In 2003, at age 70, he became the oldest person ever to summit on the 8,848-meter peak. That record only lasted for part of the decade, though; in 2008 the Nepalese climber Min Bahadur Sherchan reached the top as a 76-year-old. (Japanese climber Watanabe Tamae summited in the 2012 season at age 73 to become the oldest woman ever to stand at the highest point on Earth.)

If Miura retakes the age record today, it could be his for even less time. Sherchan is on the mountain once again, and is currently at Base Camp preparing for his final push. The Japanese 80-year-old could see his feat surpassed by his 81-year-old rival in a matter of days if the weather holds out.

UPDATE: NHK television has reported that Miura reached the summit a short time ago. Congratulations to the oldest person ever to make it to the top.