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(Video) Friday Prayers at Tokyo Camii Mosque

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Japan’s biggest mosque, Tokyo Camii in Yoyogi Uehara can accommodate up to 1,200 worshipers at a time. Friday afternoon prayers attract the biggest congregations. This video captures some of the hushed atmosphere of reverence that descends on the mosque at prayer times.

After the azan (call to prayer) has resounded from the minaret, Friday prayers begin with a sermon from the imam. The faithful pray in rows in the direction of Mecca. A hush descends as each member of the congregation gives thanks to God. We talked to Shimoyama Shigeru, a Japanese Muslim who works at the mosque, and Imam Nurullah Ayaz about the significance of the mosque in the lives of the faithful.

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(Photographs by Kodera Kei. Video editing by Ōtani Kiyohide.)

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