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Yamaguchi Akira’s World (Photos)

Yamaguchi Akira [Profile]

Artist Yamaguchi uses the technique and approaches of traditional Japanese painting to open up new possibilities for contemporary art. His superbly detailed paintings reward close inspection. Take a closer look!

At first glance it looks like a traditional Japanese painting. But a closer look at the details reveals a brilliantly conceived world where past, present, and future intermingle: a captivating and elaborately composed imaginary world that captures the viewer’s imagination.

Yamaguchi Akira is a rising star on the contemporary art scene with an aesthetic and a sensibility uniquely his own. We hope you enjoy your visit to his world.

(Originally written in Japanese. Editorial assistance provided by the Mizuma Art Gallery.)


Mining the Past for New Gold: Artist Yamaguchi Akira

  • [2013.05.24]

Artist. Born in 1969 in Tokyo and raised in the city of Kiryū, Gunma Prefecture. BA and MA in oil painting from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Known for a style that freely mixes together elements across time and space, incorporating detailed depictions of people and buildings using traditional techniques reminiscent of Yamato-e and ukiyo-e. A selection of his works has been published in book form as Yamaguchi Akira daigamen sakuhinshū (Akira Yamaguchi—The Big Picture).

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