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Mount Fuji: Where the Spirits Dwell (Photos)

Ōyama Yukio (Photographer)[Profile]

Japan’s iconic mountain is at the heart of the country’s spiritual traditions. Ōyama Yukio has spent almost 40 years photographing Mount Fuji. Here he presents a selection of images that capture the spiritual side of the mountain. The photographs continue from our previous post on his work from January 2012, "Mount Fuji Through the Lens of Ōyama Yukio." 

Ōyama Yukio has dedicated his life to Mount Fuji. He has walked its ancient forests, descended into the volcano’s crater, and explored the mountain’s caves and crevices.

Ōyama’s familiarity with Mount Fuji extends to its most hidden corners, as this selection of photographs attests. His images convey a vivid sense of the area’s natural beauty. It is easy to see why so much of Japan’s spiritual culture evolved from these surroundings.

As Ōyama delved deeper and deeper into Fuji’s heart, he began to believe that perhaps mysterious spirits really do live in its forests and caves.

He says he would love to meet them.


Mount Fuji Through the Lens of Ōyama Yukio (Photos)


Mount Fuji’s Servant: Ōyama Yukio

  • [2013.07.04]

Photographer. Born in 1952. Has been photographing Mount Fuji since 1976. In 1985 moved to the village of Oshino in Yamanashi Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Fuji. Based since 1990 in the Fujigane section of Fujikawaguchiko, where he enjoys 24-hour views of Mount Fuji from his large living room window. Published works include Daichi no Fujisan (Mount Fuji from Ground Level). Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Photographic Society of Japan in 2011.

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