Strolling Beneath the Cherry Trees (Video)

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Walking under cherry trees in full bloom is a simple way to appreciate the beauties of the season.

Japanese people love their cherry blossoms and their hanami parties under the trees. There is more than one way to enjoy the arrival of these spring flowers, however, and many take pleasure in simply strolling through a sakura landscape.

Cherry trees are often situated beside rivers, and their pink hue reflected on the water’s surface offers a secondary beauty. A riverside walk under a canopy of blossoms is one way for urbanites in particular to feel a little closer to nature. As evenings get warmer, paths are often lit up, allowing the opportunity to enjoy yozakura, or “night cherry blossoms.” Toward the end of the season, breezes may set the petals scattering to the ground like snowflakes. These sakura showers are another part of the spring ritual.

The video presents some famous cherry blossom spots in the Tokyo area and Kyoto. One of the most popular locations is at Chidorigafuchi, a 700-meter stretch of the moat that surrounds the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo. More than a million visitors come to view its 260 trees during cherry blossom season. A walk along the path is soon over, but transience is an inherent aspect of the flowers themselves. For many city workers, it is a perfect spot for a brief saunter before catching the homeward train.

As we post this, peak cherry blossom viewing is over around much of the country. Those living in the north, though, can still look forward to an encounter with the classic symbols of spring.

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