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Japan’s Top 100 Blossoms: Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo)

Shinjuku Gyoen is a spacious garden built on the grounds of an Edo-period daimyō mansion and renovated as a garden for the imperial household in 1906. It became a national public park following World War II. There are about 10,000 trees growing in the 58-hectare garden today, including around 1,000 beautiful sakura specimens.

There are more than 65 varieties of cherry trees in the grounds; kanzakura bloom as early as February, while kasumizakura flower in late April. The best time to visit is mid-March to mid-April, when the somei  yoshinosatozakura, and yaezakura are in full bloom. Perhaps the most distinctive variety is the ichiyō that has been growing here since Shinjuku Gyoen’s days as an imperial garden.

Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo)

  • Varieties: Kanhizakura, somei yoshino, yaezakura, etc.
  • No. of trees: 1,000
  • When: Mid-February to late April
  • Hours: 9:00–18:00 (March 15–June 30 and August 21–September 30), 9:00–19:00 (July 1–August 20), 9:00–16:30 (October 1–March 14); last entry 30 minutes before closing time. Closed on Mondays (see website for details).
  • Admission: ¥500 (¥250 for seniors and students)
  • Rules: Drinking alcohol, using sports equipment (except in Kids’ Area), and playing musical instruments are prohibited.
  • Address: 11 Naitōmachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Website: Shinjuku Gyoen

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(Translated from Japanese. Banner photo © Shinjuku Gyoen Management Office.)

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