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Japan’s Top 100 Blossoms: Sumida Park (Tokyo)


The sakuras in Sumida Park line both banks of the Sumida River for about 1 kilometer between Azuma Bridge and Sakura Bridge. They are said to have been planted in the Edo period on the orders of eighth Tokugawa shogun Yoshimune so that townspeople, too, could enjoy the beautiful blossoms.

Sumida Park straddles both banks of the Sumida River, with the pedestrian Sakura Bridge enabling visitors to view the blossoms from either the Taitō-ku or the Sumida-ku side. Another vantage point is aboard a hanami boat on the Sumida River. With nearby Tokyo Skytree lit up at night, the park is also popular for its yozakura.

Sumida Park (Tokyo)

  • Varieties: Somei yoshino, shidarezakura, ōshimazakura, etc.
  • No. of trees: 640 in Taitō-ku, 350 in Sumida-ku
  • When: Late March to early April
  • Hours: Open 24 hrs.
  • Admission: Free
  • Address: Hanakawado 1-1, Hanakawado 2-1, and Asakusa 7-1 in Taitō-ku and Mukōjima 1, 2,and 5 in Sumida-ku
  • Website: Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau

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