Ginza Six Shopping Complex Targets Tourist Yen (Japan in Photos)

On April 20, the Ginza Six shopping complex opened in central Tokyo. The new facility features flagship stores from top international brands like Christian Dior, as well as such famous Japanese companies as Ishiya of Hokkaidō, which is known for its Shiroi Koibito chocolates. There are 241 outlets in total in what is the biggest shopping complex in Ginza. It is located on the main Chūō-dōri street at the former site of the Matsuzakaya department store.

To cater for international tourists, there is a service center where visitors can exchange currency or leave luggage for a set fee. The complex also tackles the problem of tourist bus congestion in Ginza by including a designated area for getting on and off buses. Shoppers can experience traditional Japanese culture in a nōgaku theater. This doubles as an emergency space where around 1,000 people can stay in the event that they cannot easily return home due to transport disruption following a disaster.


The completed building has 13 stories above ground and 6 below, with a total floor area of almost 150,000 square meters. Around 3,000 people will work in the offices from the seventh story up.


Works by the avant-garde artist Kusama Yayoi can be viewed from the main shopping floors.


The Kanze Nōgaku Theater on the third basement level includes a stage that has been moved from a Shibuya theater. At an April 14 show for media, Kanze Kiyokazu performed a famous scene from the play Tsuchigumo (Earth Spider).


The Lawson convenience store includes an information desk. As well as the usual snacks and drinks, the outlet sells general souvenirs and halal items for Muslim tourists.


At the rooftop garden, visitors can enjoy spring sakura and autumn foliage. There are also plans to run a beer garden in summer.

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