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Comprehensive series of articles on themes too broad or complex to be addressed in a single post.

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Japan and British Mine Clearance Organization HALO Trust Working Toward a Mine-Free WorldGlobal Partnerships

Japan, a leading donor to mine action programs, has helped fund demining projects by internationally known antimine group HALO Trust for the past two decades. Going forward, the British NGO looks to take its relationship with Japan to a new stage as it faces new challenges to rid the world of these indiscriminate weapons.

Holding On for Victory: Japan Fans Save Bathroom Breaks for After Final WhistleJapan Data

Water usage statistics show just how engrossed Japanese fans were by their team’s World Cup match with Colombia.

Japanese Population Decline Accelerates as Annual Births Fall Further Below 1 MillionJapan Data

Demographic statistics for 2017 show that the number of births in Japan was below 1 million for the second successive year, dropping to a new low.

Increase in Senior Citizens Sees Record 1.64 Million Households on Welfare in 2017Japan Data

The number of households receiving welfare benefits rose by 0.2% in 2017 to a new record high of 1.64 million households, according to a survey by the Ministry of Heath, Labor, and Welfare.

Government Survey Identifies 5,534 Homeless People in JapanJapan Data

Official statistics on Japan’s homeless population indicate a drop since 2016, but critics contend that they are not comprehensive.

Minicars and Hybrids Dominate New Vehicle Sales in JapanJapan Data

The top 10 selling new cars in Japan each year since 2013 have been minicars and hybrids. A particularly popular model among minicars is the “tall wagon,” a vehicle with a spacious interior.

Japan’s Earthquakes Since 2011Japan Data

An earthquake on June 18, 2018, caused significant shaking in Osaka. It is one of more than 20 earthquakes with a seismic intensity of 6 or above on the Japanese scale since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

Aging Population Means Social Security Costs Will Balloon to ¥190 Trillion in 2040Japan Data

According to data compiled by the Japanese government, social security benefit costs will increase 1.6-fold from 2018 to ¥190 trillion in 2040. While Japan continues to shift towards a super-aging society, the working age population needed to support that society is shrinking, making necessary restructuring of the contributions and benefits framework.

Escaping Conformism and Keeping Individuality AliveA Japanese Psychiatrist’s Takes on the Trials of LifeIzumiya Kanji

Individuality is often unwelcome in Japan, but it is necessary to mental well-being. Psychiatrist Izumiya Kanji considers the sense of self.

A Road Map to the FutureAging in Japan and Across Asia

The Road Map to the Future was one of the wrap-up workshops at the Asian Impact Dialogue, held in Singapore this February. Participants fleshed out strategies to use in learning from their regional counterparts and improving elder care throughout East Asia.

A Transformation Toward Care in the CommunityAging in Japan and Across Asia

The countries of Asia are global forerunners in societal aging, and their efforts to address the issues involved will be looked to as a blueprint in years to come. Asian Impact Dialogue participants shared their insights and best practices in Singapore in February this year.

Tackling an Aging Asia: A Report on the Asian Impact DialogueAging in Japan and Across Asia

Demographic shifts are having tremendous impact on societies around the world, making population pyramids heavier at the top and threatening the stability of societal support systems. In late February 2018, public officials and members of nongovernmental groups from around Asia gathered in Singapore to discuss the graying of society, with the focus on what must be done for the increasing ranks of the elderly in the region’s countries. We report on the discussion that took place.

Number of Overseas Japanese Restaurants Tops 100,000Japan Data

As more foreign tourists visit Japan, their interest in local cuisine is fueling a rise in Japanese restaurants around the world

“Shoplifters”: A Family Tied by Crime and MoneyAt the Movies

Koreeda Hirokazu’s Shoplifters tells the story of a “family” not connected by blood, getting by from day to day while struggling with poverty. While it tackles social issues, the film has a tender humor. Meticulous direction and strong performances helped it win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tech Helps Maintain Japan’s Blood Supply as Young Donors DropJapan Data

As donations among younger Japanese decline, the government is focusing on education about the importance of giving blood.

Construction Tops Pay Ranking for Japan’s Listed CompaniesJapan Data

The average annual salary at 2,681 listed companies in Japan rose by 0.6% to ¥5.99 million in 2017.

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