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Comprehensive series of articles on themes too broad or complex to be addressed in a single post.

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Rising Costs and Shrinking Ridership: Japan’s Bus Lines Struggle to Turn a ProfitJapan Data

The balance sheets of bus-line services nationwide are worsening amid rising labor and fuel costs. Bus lines in regions outside urban areas are struggling the most as they confront aging and shrinking populations.

Japanese University Students Less Sexually ActiveJapan Data

University students in Japan are becoming less sexually active. The increasingly sex-positive trend from the 1980s and 1990s reversed after a mid-2000s peak.

“The Gun”: Literary Tale of Obsession Adapted to Big ScreenAt the Movies

Nakamura Fuminori is one of contemporary Japanese literature’s most filmed and most translated authors. As the adaptation of his debut novel from 16 years ago, The Gun, reaches cinemas, we invited him to participate in a conversation with Myriam Dartois-Ako, the novel’s French translator.

Fishing Tokyo’s Waters Since Samurai TimesJapan Data

Fishing still continues up in the waters right off Tokyo as it has since the Edo period (1603–1868).

Travel Is Main Pleasure for Older JapaneseJapan Data

Results from a Sony Life Insurance survey reveal that older Japanese are enjoying travel, cuisine, and fashion, and that sports cars continue to be desired objects among older men.

A Disastrous Kanji of the Year? “Wazawai” Picked as Top Character for 2018This Year in Staff

The year 2018 brought powerful earthquakes, brutal summer heat, torrential rains and flooding, and terrifying typhoons to Japan. It’s no wonder that the public selected 災 (sai or wazawai), meaning “disaster,” as the kanji of the year.

Osaka Expo 2025: Sustaining Present ProsperityJapan Data

Osaka will host the World Expo for the second time in 2025. Japan has changed a lot in the decades since it first did so in 1970.

Manga Adaptation and Miyazaki Hayao Make 80-Year-Old Book a BestsellerJapan Data

Japan’s best-selling books of 2018 include a manga adaptation of a 1930s classic, a manga essay collection about an unusual friendship, and an unorthodox animal reference book.

Two in Three Japanese Companies Lack a SuccessorJapan Data

A survey of 276,000 companies nationwide found that 66.4% of them lack someone to take over the business. This situation has put the future of many small and medium-size companies at risk.

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in JapanJapan Data

There are now 21 elements listed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) as Intangible Cultural Heritage in Japan.

Dividing the Sexes: The Modern Evolution of Japanese Gender Roles in MarriageMarriage in Japan Now

Japan has a deep-rooted belief that husbands should be breadwinners and wives should stay at home and look after the children. But when did this view arise, and is it a realistic model for the modern age? In this article, we consider these issues as we investigate the history of marriage in Japan.

Akita Dogs Skew Japanese Prefecture Search SurveyJapan Data

Akita was near the top of the overseas Internet search ranking for Japanese prefectures—apparently thanks to the Akita-inu dog breed and Alina Zagitova.

Japan’s Consumption Tax Hike Raises Potential Gains for Gold SmugglersJapan Data

Since the consumption tax was raised to 8%, gold smuggling into Japan has been increasing. Will the October 2019 hike to 10% bring even more smuggling?

Over 80% of Japanese Would Welcome Robot CaregiversJapan Data

Amidst Japan’s shortage of caregivers, more and more are open to the idea of receiving care from a robot.

“So Da Nē!” Hokkaidō Curlers Provide 2018’s Top Word of the YearThis Year in Staff

At a Tokyo ceremony held on December 3, the publisher Jiyū Kokumin Sha announced its 10 finalists for “Words of the Year,” along with the grand prize winner: So da nē, a phrase that won public favor and fame when the national women’s curling squad used it to encourage one another—“Yeah, that’s it!”—at the Pyeongchang Olympics in February.

Timeline for November 2018Japan Timeline

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn is arrested, Osaka wins its bid for the 2025 World Expo, and Ōtani Shōhei is named the American League Rookie of the Year. These are the major Japan-related stories of November 2018.

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